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Did you witness any event or happening in Nigeria? Feel free to post it with pictures on this forum. Are you a writer? Do you want a free platform to post your articles for Nigerian population to read and comment on? Then, look no further because Naijanetwork forum offers you all you need to excel as a writer.

Do you have any skill you want to teach your fellow Nigerians on how to do? Skills like "how to farm", "how to do some business", "how to make shoes, cake, cloths", and so on. Feel free to post it on this forum to reach great number of Nigerians. Your skill posts can mean a lot your fellow Nigerians.

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Did you witness any corrupt practices in Nigeria? Do you have information about corruption? Do you want a platform to post the information anonymously without fear or retaliation? Then look no further. Free free to post the information on this forum. Exposing corruption will save Nigeria from evil corrupt politicians that have wowed to destroy Nigerian economy by stealing and embezzling of public fund while their family enjoy overseas. Your post will help EFCC facilitate investigation and possible arrest.