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Online Solution to WAEC and JAMB MATHS Questions

simeontawosesimeontawose Posts: 1
edited February 2017 in Education

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Hi students, Passmathsng.com has just developed an online platform where solution to JAMB/UTME maths and WAEC MATHS questions are solved The aim is to assisting students to understand better the various concepts each mathematical topics. Also it is believed it help them to perform better in the exams.
Our resources are free and you are not being charged a dime.
Help spread the news about www.passmathsng.com in your various schools, to friends and relatives
Here are the links helps on the site
There is a section for solution to WAEC maths solution
Here are the links to the various years and their respective solution
WAEC MAY/JUNE 2006 http://passmathsng.com/waecmaths/28
WAEC MAY/JUNE 2007 http://passmathsng.com/waecmaths/29
WAEC MAY/JUNE 2008 http://passmathsng.com/waecmaths/30
WAEC MAY/JUNE 2009 http://passmathsng.com/waecmaths/31
WAEC MAY/JUNE 2010 http://passmathsng.com/waecmaths/32
WAEC MAY/JUNE 2011 http://passmathsng.com/waecmaths/33
WAEC MAY/JUNE 2012 http://passmathsng.com/waecmaths/34
WAEC MAY/JUNE 2013 http://passmathsng.com/waecmaths/35
WAEC MAY/JUNE 2014 http://passmathsng.com/waecmaths/36
WAEC MAY/JUNE 2015 http://passmathsng.com/waecmaths/37
WAEC MAY/JUNE 2016 http://passmathsng.com/waecmaths/38

Solution to Jamb Maths
Jamb maths year 2000 : http://passmathsng.com/jambmaths/60
Jamb maths year 2001 : http://passmathsng.com/jambmaths/61
Jamb maths year 2002 : http://passmathsng.com/jambmaths/62
Jamb maths year 2003 : http://www.passmathsng.com/jambmaths/63
Jamb maths year 2004 : http://passmathsng.com/jambmaths/64
Jamb maths year 2005 : http://passmathsng.com/jambmaths/65
Jamb maths year 2006 : http://passmathsng.com/jambmaths/66
Jamb maths year 2007 : http://www.passmathsng.com/jambmaths/67
Jamb maths year 2008 : http://passmathsng.com/jambmaths/68
Jamb maths year 2009 : http://passmathsng.com/jambmaths/69
Jamb maths year 2010 : http://passmathsng.com/jambmaths/70
Jamb maths year 2011 : http://passmathsng.com/jambmaths/71
Jamb maths year 2012 : http://passmathsng.com/jambmaths/72
Jamb maths year 2013 : http://passmathsng.com/jambmaths/73
Jamb maths year 2014 : http://passmathsng.com/jambmaths/74
Jamb maths year 2015 : http://passmathsng.com/jambmaths/75

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