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Nigerian couple fraudstars in London ordered to pay £1.2 million pounds or face 6years in prison

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The crimes Nigerians commit overseas these days are getting out of hand. Western worlds have become smarter to trace, arrest and even trace stolen money to Nigerian villages and cities.

The criminals - Ovo Mayomi and Juliet Ubiribo

This is a story of a Nigerian man, Ovo Mayomi, who is a taxi driver in London and his wife, Juliet Ubiribo (has no job at all) that defrauded British wellfare system for years. They lived in luxurious apartments, wore Rolex watches and drove Mercedes car. They have already been arrested, served prison terms each.

Now the husband has been ordered to pay back about 1.2 million pounds based on the multimillion dollar house he biult in Nigeria from stolen money.

Failure to pay, 6 years prison sentence awaits him, and British government will find a way to sell the house in Nigeria and recover their money.

Watch full Video below.

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A MINICAB driver living in a luxurious mansion worth more than £1m while his benefit cheat wife drove a Merc and wore a Rolex has been ordered to pay back £1.2m.

Ovo Mayomi, 44, claimed he was earning £700 a month and living in Croydon, south London.

His wife Juliet Ubiribo, 32, told benefit bosses she was a single mum so she could claim housing and council tax benefit.

She also asked the council to rehouse her because she was a victim of domestic violence – but the phone number she gave revealed her landlord, Ayiomike Neburagho, was really her husband Mayomi using a false identity.

Fraud investigators discovered he owned a large luxurious house in Nigeria worth more than £1m and boasting chandeliers and £89,000 worth of sound equipment.

He also wore a £25,000 watch and his wife drove a Mercedes Sport Coupe.

A judge has now ordered Mayomi to pay £1,197,743 in a confiscation order – or face six years in prison.

The Proceeds Of Crime Act allows the court to seize assets even if it doesn’t have enough evidence of criminal activity to secure a conviction.

As well as two money-transferring businesses and bank accounts, investigators also discovered Mayomi owned a fish farm in the country.

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