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How to buy unlocked iPhone from USA and receive in Lagos, Nigeria within one week.

ProsperProsper Posts: 1,387

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Have you ever wanted to own an iPhone without running out your bank account? The best way to buy iPhone at the lowest possible price is to buy online from Amazon USA and ship it to Lagos, Nigeria.

See lowest prices here

If you need help with shipping to Nigeria. You can use the international shipping services of Allworld International Inc. Their shipping price is $4.35 per pounds and an iPhone package will not be more than 2 pounds. While ordering your iPhone from Amazon, use the address below as you shipping address.
Your Name
Allworld International Inc.
140 N, 2nd Street, UNIT 9

After placing your order, contact Allworld International at [email protected] or [email protected] and let them know that your package of iPhone will be delivered to their warehouse from Amazon. Remember to include your phone number on your email.

Once your iPhone is delivered from Amazon to Allworld International (usually in less than 2 days), your package will be shipped to Allworld partner in Lagos Nigeria for delivery to you. The contact information in Nigeria is;
Cigiworld International Ltd
Off Osolo Way, #12 Gani Williams Close
Ajao Estates
Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone number: 0803 324 9722

You will be called on phone for identification, payment and pick-up. It is that simple. Cigiworld offers home delivery in Lagos at the price of around 3,000 Naira.

Click here to see prices and place your order.

Leave your comment below if you have question or concern.

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