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Alcohol drinking contest - Nigerians will remain in poverty while corrupt politicians steal money.

JohnJohn Posts: 449
edited December 2017 in Corruption/419

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It is so sad that in this modern age when the western world are developing and advancing in technologies like all-electric cars, self-driving cars, robotics, and advances in healthcare; Nigerian politicians are busy conducting alcohol drinking contest. There is no jobs, no good health system, no good education, no electricity, no good drinking water, no road, criminals and kidnappers running the streets and yet Nigerian politicians main priority is ALCOHOL DRINKING CONTEST. Teaching and promoting alcoholism and abuse among the youths.


Stupid alcohol drinking contest conducted by the moron corrupt governor of Ebonyi State.

This is a case in particular with the governor of Ebonyi State - the MORON by the name Mr. Ali Odefa. This idiot of a governor with all the problems facing the people of his state and Nigeria in particular, prioritize alcoholism over health, education, jobs, good roads, electricity, clean drinking water, and crimes/kidnapping.

The governor of Ebonyi State is a giant disgrace to Ebonyi people, a disgrace to Igbo people, a disgrace to Nigeria, a disgrace to Africa and a disgrace to all mankind. The most disheartening part is that this moron will rig election with public-stolen money and get elected in politics forever until death in Nigeria without contributing anything for the progress of Nigeria.

Nigerians MUST say enough is enough to this madness. Nigerians must stand up and reject these evil politicians otherwise hunger, poverty and untimely deaths will be the portion of all Nigerians if these madness by corrupt politicians continue.

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