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Nigerians acquiring wealth legally and illegally without regard for their health - Olo Okeowo

JohnJohn Posts: 453
edited February 2 in Corruption/419

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The first priority in life is good health but for Africans and especially Nigerians, the first priority is acquiring wealth and showing off wealth without regard for their health.

Nigeria the 6th richest oil producing country in the world with the most corrupt politicians and title holders ever known in the world does not have a single 100% internationally standard hospital. People die of simple health issue that can be managed by well trained medical professionals with simple medical technologies.

So the Olu Okeowo of which ever land he claims to come from built a multi-multimillion dollar gigantic house just for himself, right? So if Olu falls sick (which is 100% sure to happen often considering the wine, alcohol, red meat and high cholesterol, hypertension, stroke and heart attack inducing diets so-called rich people eat in the name of being wealthy), there is NO emergency medical ambulance to come to his aid and no standard hospital to care for him.

If Olu had built a standard world-class hospital instead of so-called palace, not only will he benefit from the hospital but millions of Nigerians will also benefit. Medical tourism to another third-world country, India, will come to an end. Nigerians wouldn’t have to speed millions traveling to India for medical treatment that they can get in their home country Nigeria.

I’m sorry for my country, Nigeria. Acquiring and showing off wealth without regards to their lives. It is very pathetic indeed.

I will like to know your comment on this issue. Thank you.


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